Award from the University of Bergen to support work on a Strand 4 parallel project

One of the international MEITS partners, Dr Åsta Haukås (University of Bergen) has been awarded funding from the University of Bergen to support two PhD candidates to work on a Strand 4 parallel project with the research question: To what extent do the lower secondary school subjects Framandspråk (Foreign Languages) and Fordjupning i engelsk (English as an in-depth study topic) promote learners' development of a multilingual and multicultural identity?

The Strand 4 questionnaire will be adapted to the Norwegian context and learners will complete the questionnaires 2-3 times over the course of two years to gather data about the development of learners' identities. Other procedures will also be similar to Strand 4's work, so that results can be compared.

All are welcome to Åsta's presentation Multilingualism in foreign language learning: students' and teachers' perspectives in the Norwegian context as part of our SLEG seminar series at the Faculty of Education at 5pm on Wednesday 8 November.

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