Celebrating cultural diversity in Cambridge

On 18 November, members of the MEITS team took part in the ‘Diversity Day 2018’ at Netherhall School, an event co-ordinated by one of our project partners, the Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum ( This was one of a number of successful collaborations with the CECF designed to celebrate and raise awareness of cultural and linguistic diversity within the city. This year, in addition to a number of hands-on activities, such as the always-popular ‘Polyglot Pond’ and ‘Language Families’, with the support of Cambridge Ukrainian Studies, MEITS invited the Night Train Theatre Company ( to perform a bilingual fragment from the play Maklena. This 1933 play by the Ukrainian author Mykola Kulish was translated and produced by Maria Montague. The performance was well received by the audience. More than 250 people attended the event, and the MEITS team was able to use this exciting opportunity to engage with a diverse audience to highlight various aspects of multilingualism and cultural identities.

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