MEITS representation at the Speak to the Future Symposium (Language Show London 2017)

On 13 October, the Language Show in London hosted the “Speaking to a Global Future” Symposium, organised by Speak to the Future in association with Rosetta Stone. In a series of keynote talks and discussion panels, the symposium brought together government officials, academics, and language learners. The programme of the day featured Prof Wendy Ayres-Bennet and Dr Thomas Bak, representing the MEITS project.

Among the various topics addressed, the symposium included discussions on raising awareness about the need for language learning and intercultural skills, posing challenges and solutions on language policy, advancing the language curriculum, and the positive impact of language learning on health and well-being.

The symposium offered a great opportunity for a fruitful interaction between the audience and the speakers and panellists, with Q&A sessions and lively discussions.”

Mariana Vega-Mendoza, PDRA in Strand 6 of the MEITS Project.

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