MEITS Strand 5 Workshop on Chinese Grammar

On 5 and 6 July 2018, a two-day workshop on Chinese Grammar for teachers of Chinese in the UK was held at the University of Cambridge, as part of Strand 5 of the MEITS project.



This workshop was organised by the MEITS Strand 5 research team (Boping Yuan and Yanyu Guo) as well as language teachers and PhD students from the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, aiming to raise teachers’ awareness of Chinese grammar and share with them findings in L2 Chinese acquisition research.

The workshop began with presentations on undergraduate admissions and Chinese studies at the University of Cambridge. In the main sessions, there were 9 presentations that covered different grammatical issues in Chinese and relevant pedagogical implications for teachers.  



Forty-three Chinese language teachers from a variety of UK schools and universities attended this event and actively participated in the Q&A part after each session, asking questions regarding the Chinese grammar, sharing their thoughts and teaching experience, and providing valuable feedback on the workshop and suggestions for future events.

The content and impact of the workshop were widely praised by the participants. It was a great opportunity to bring together language teachers and researchers and to bridge Chinese language teaching and Chinese language studies.  

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