Strand 1 workshop: Multilingual (Con)figurations: Catalan and Ukrainian in Dialogue

The Strand 1-led event, Multilingual (Con)figurations: Catalan and Ukrainian in Dialogue offered a rare opportunity for collaboration between leading international scholars in both Catalan and Ukrainian Studies. This very well-attended interdisciplinary workshop held at King's College, Cambridge on 24 March 2017, saw papers presented on: a remapping of Emily Apter’s ‘Translation Zone’ to the Catalan-speaking territories (Helena Buffery, UCC); State language policy and linguistic rights in Ukraine (Michael Moser, University of Vienna); Ukraine’s rich and linguistically diverse literary heritage (Uilleam Blacker, UCL); multilingualism in Catalan literature (Jordi Cornellà, University of Glasgow); representations in documentary films of the ‘other’ languages in Catalonia (Antonio Monegal, Universitat Pompeu Fabra) and language and Ukrainian national identity (Tanya Zaharchenko, University of Oslo). This diverse dialogue acted as the first step in opening the way towards a deeper understanding of the implications of multilingualism for minority languages and their related cultural identities.

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