Talk on ‘Breton and the ECRML’ at the Cornish Language Festival in Penzance

On Saturday 25 February 2017, Merryn Davies-Deacon gave a talk on "Breton and the ECRML ( European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages)" at the Cornish Language Festival in Penzance. She presented an overview of where Breton stands in relation to the provisions of the unratified ECRML and how this can be compared with the situation of Cornish, for which the charter has been ratified but few concrete steps have been taken by the British government.

Merryn's talk formed part of the opening conference of the Cornish Language Festival, which is a week-long series of events aimed at bringing Cornish speakers together and allowing them to talk in and about Cornish. The Festival also plans to attract non-speakers with taster sessions, lectures and workshops.

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