‘We are Multilingual’ launch

Monday 17th June saw the launch of ‘We Are Multilingual’ (WAM), a website of free resources for languages teachers. Over 60 teachers and PGCE students attended the event which was held at the Faculty of Education, Cambridge.

WAM is a series of materials designed alongside teachers and based on research involving over 2,000 students in 7 secondary schools across the East of England and London. This research is part of the Education strand of the MEITS project led by Dr Linda Fisher.

With increasing multilingualism in UK schools, the languages classroom is a perfect place to help learners think explicitly about what it means to be multilingual, to explore language in its widest sense and how it influences learners both as individuals and as members of the wider community.

The WAM teaching materials therefore aim to support the development of students’ multilingual identity by helping them to recognise the languages and varieties of languages they use and to be proud of them. The key goals of the resources are to:

  • Improve knowledge and understanding about what a language is
  • Enhance motivation and attitudes and improve uptake of language learning
  • Raise awareness of the languages spoken around us
  • Develop general skills such as problem-solving, reflection on learning and empathy

The WAM materials are currently available in French, German and Spanish. Find out more and download your free pack at For updates you can also follow us on Twitter @wamcam_langs.

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