Workshop for community language teachers

On 2nd July 2017, a practical workshop for local community language teachers took place in Homerton College, Cambridge. This event was led by Dr. Karen Forbes, a Research Associate on Strand 4, and highlighted the importance of supporting the development and maintenance of students’ literacy skills in their home language. This interactive workshop also introduced practical ideas and activities which can be integrated into the community language classroom to help students to improve their writing. The workshop was attended by volunteers and teachers from a range of community language schools across Cambridge and London. Languages represented included Russian, Polish, Japanese, Greek, Hungarian and Bulgarian. This event was organised by members of Strand 4 in association with Cambridge Bilingual Groups and the Cambridge Research in Community Language Education (CRiCLE) network, which was established in the Faculty of Education by Dr. Yongcan Liu in 2013. More information about CRiCLE can be found at:

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