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Rhiannon McGlade

University of Cambridge

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Rhiannon completed her thesis at the University of Sheffield in 2013 on the subject of Catalan satirical cartoons from 1865 to 1977. Her subsequent research has focused on the implications and nature of humour in a Hispanic cultural and political context. As part of Strand 1, Rhiannon’s research focused on the cultural case of Catalonia – a region in which there is both a strong tradition for humour and where the polemic surrounding language, status and identity continues to be deeply rooted in society. To this end, Rhiannon applied an interdisciplinary, critical lens drawn from Humour Theory, Linguistics, Psychology and Philosophy to examine the nature and role of semiotic codes developed and employed in Catalan culture to discuss multilingualism. Primary routes of enquiry included: the implications of code-switching for Catalan humour; the use of multilingual humour as a tool for ‘othering’ and its ability to create or reinforce national, cultural and linguistic identity; multilingual humour as a form of release from linguistic repression and/or minoritisation in the face of legislation, social migration and linguistic hegemony.

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