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Policy Briefing on Modern Languages Educational Policy in the UK

This Briefing is the result of a policy workshop with civil servants and academics held at Queen’s University Belfast in December 2018 and we are very grateful for the input of all those who took part. It sets out the key policy issues across the four jurisdictions of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and makes a series of recommendations for government at both primary and secondary levels. To read the Policy Briefing, click here.

Find the list of bibliographical references cited in the Policy Briefing here.

Modern Languages and Mentoring: Supporting Digital Learning across Language Communities in Wales

This report considers the role that mentoring, and in particular online mentoring, can play in tackling the decline in modern foreign languages learning at GCSE level in Wales. It evaluates the experiences of a pilot project, Digi-Languages, and how this project might be extended to other language learning communities in Wales. It concludes by proposing ways for Digi- Languages to meet the demands of different language communities within the UK and potentially beyond. 

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Languages across government

Ayres-Bennett, W. (2017) ‘Languages across government’. Languages, Society and Policy.

Healthy linguistic diet: the value of linguistic diversity and language learning across the lifespan

Bak, T. & Mehmedbegovic, D. (2017) ‘Healthy linguistic diet: the value of linguistic diversity and language learning across the lifespan’. Languages, Society and Policy.

Policy Briefing on Community Languages and Social Cohesion

This briefing document provides core information and details of resources on Community Languages for academics, policymakers and practitioners and highlights ways in which policy might support Community Languages. The term ‘Community Languages’ is used here to refer to the languages of the various immigrant communities in the UK, both longstanding and more recent. The term ‘Heritage Languages’ is sometimes also used for this purpose.

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