Youth languages: the age of maturity?

On the 7th and 8th June, Françoise Gadet organized a two-day workshop at the Université Paris Nanterre as part of Strand 3 of the MEITS project. The event served as a moment to take stock of current research and debates in the field of ‘youth languages’, a term chosen as representative of lay commentary on language as it is used in contexts of urban multilingualism and multiculturalism, but which was problematized in a majority of contributions to the workshop.

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Global Approaches to Multilingualism and Standardisation conference

On 16-18 April 2018, MEITS hosted the Global Approaches to Multilingualism and Standardisation conference which brought together researchers from all over the world to Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge, in order to explore themes related to standard languages and linguistic standardisation.

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The MEITS pop-up museum of languages in autumn 2019

As part of its public engagement programme, MEITS is planning a pop-up museum of languages for autumn 2019. It is part of a growing network worldwide of museums of languages.

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Census 2021: An opportunity to acknowledge multilingualism

OWRI researchers in linguistics are calling for a review of the wording of the question about languages in the next census.

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Multilingual Digital Authorship: Symposium Report

The Creative Web of Languages, funded jointly by the Multilingualism: Empowering Individuals, Transforming Societies AHRC Open World Research Initiative and Lancaster University’s Faculty of Social Sciences and Department of Languages and Cultures, and organized in partnership with the Electronic Literature Organization, brought together multilingual digital artists and authors with scholars working on digital cultures to explore the ways in which digital creativity uses and produces languages and opens new perspectives on them.

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Migration & Language-Learning: Histories, Approaches, Polices Conference at the University of Leeds

On 23 and 24 February 2018, an interdisciplinary conference on Migration & Language-Learning: Histories, Approaches, Polices took place at the University of Leeds and John Bellamy, representing MEITS, was in attendence.

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MEITS Conference: ‘Polish Britain: Multilingualism and Diaspora Community’

A one-day international conference provided scholars and practitioners with the opportunity to present research findings and to share their experiences of Polish communities worldwide and multilingualism in Poland.

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MEITS celebrates International Mother Language Day 21 February 2018

Students from Parkside Community College in Cambridge have been sharing with the MEITS team their views on the value of multilingualism and how speaking more than one language at home can add to a greater understanding of cultural diversity.

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